My name is Váradi, György aka bodri.

I am a professional software engineer and engineering manager. I have a bachelor in electrical engineering (BEE). This blog is dedicated to my hobbies; everything related to software development, electronics and RC modeling: build logs, tutorials, DIY.

My name is not György Váradi, although my given name is György, but Hungarian names are other way around, first family and given name. My given name is hard to pronounce for Indo-European language speakers (György – [ˈɟørɟ]), that’s one of the reasons why I use my nickname very often: bodri.

My lab

I have a decent electronics lab at home, which allows me to go down to 0402 and 0.8mm pitch BGA with almost 100% success rate. The smaller the PCB is the less money you need to pay for the manufacturing, that’s the primary reason why my designs are using 0402. I know it’s not super DIY friendly. In case you don’t have the necessary equipment just use the schematic and recreate the board in your preferred size. I normally share the complete KiCAD design on my github account, which allows you to modify anything as you wish. Oh, if you do so please share it.

My lab contains the following gears:

  • 300MHz 4 channel oscilloscope with function generator and serial decoders (UART, SPI, I2C, CAN/LIN)
  • 40MHz 2 channel function generator
  • An SDR used as a simple spectrum analyser
  • Simple electronic load
  • 3 channel power supply
  • 2 channel power supply
  • 3 multimeters
  • Stereo microscope
  • Soldering iron
  • Hot air station
  • Electronic hot plate, PCB preheater


  • You can contact me at [nickname]@[nickname]
  • Github

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